Michael Calfan feat. Hannah Boleyn – Wild Night (Extended Mix)

Michael Calfan feat. Hannah Boleyn - Wild Night (Extended Mix)

Label: Headroom Records
Genre: House


Michael Calfan:

In a world saturated with social media
entertainers and self-inflated superstars,
Michael Calfan is an artist who brings a fresh
perspective to the electronic music climate.
His attitude is about having fun and not
taking life too seriously, while creating music
with feeling, depth and emotion.
Hits like Treasured Soul, Resurrection,
Prelude, Nobody Does It Better, No Lie
(with Martin Solveig) have helped create a
lot of those nostalgic moments for people.
They have garnered chart positions, millions
upon millions of streams and helped to
make Michael one of the most sought-after
DJs around. His touring schedule confirms
this, with appearances at almost every
major music festival and DJ sets at the most
incredible clubs around the world. And yet
this French superstar manages to keep a
clear head and his feet firmly on the ground.
Michael’s outlook is all about taking time
to connect with his fans, enjoy his hobbies
of skating, photography, art and fashion,
all while travelling the globe and sampling
everything the local culture has to offer.